Grace Schmidt for Alamo Town CouncilGrace for AlamoVote March 3, 2009
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About Grace Schmidt

Grace's background in local and national government

Grace's experience in government gave her a head start in volunteering as a citizen advocate in Alamo. Grace is retired from a career in the public sector, most recently as a Congressional Field Representative in Alamo's Tenth Congressional District. Before that, she worked as staff to members of the Board of Supervisors in Marin County and in Santa Clara County, and as administrator in government programs and program analysis.

Grace's family

Grace is a fifth-generation Californian who grew up in the Bay Area and attended local public schools. Married to husband Smitty -- also active in Alamo community affairs -- she lived throughout the U.S. and Europe during her husband's career with IBM Corporation. She and Smitty moved to Alamo in 1985.


Grace holds a Masters Degree in Community Organization and Social Planning from the University of California at Berkeley and a Bachelor's Degree in Biological Science from UC Berkeley.

Public Service

• Member, Election Committee of Alamo Incorporation Movement (AIM)
• Board Member, Alamo Improvement Association (AIA)
• Writer & researcher in Alamo Today, AIA monthly page
• Writer & researcher on AIA website, "How Alamo Citizens Can Follow Contra Costa County's Plans for Roads in Alamo"
• Writer & researcher, Alamo Community Foundation (ACF)
• Retired staff to elected officials of the Tenth Congressional District, Board of Supervisors of Marin County, and Board of Supervisors of Santa Clara County

Update from Grace
March 4, 2009

Incorporation Myths Busted

What Others Say

Grace is a wonderful neighbor and friend who has always been extremely active in the Alamo Community. We live on a private road, and Grace has taken the initiative to bring our neighborhood together and lead the effort to find cost-effective solutions for maintaining the road and the quality of life we enjoy here. Her knowledge of government, from many years working in national and local government, to her ongoing volunteerism in Alamo, gives her valuable experience that will benefit the new Town.
- John & Melissa Lynch, 20-year residents of Hemme Neighborhood

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