Grace Schmidt for Alamo Town CouncilGrace for AlamoVote March 3, 2009
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Grace Schmidt: A Record of Advocacy for Alamo

Grace stands for...

Preserving the character of Alamo

We must retain Alamo's two-lane roads, trees, minimum half-acre zoning, and local businesses that serve Alamo's needs.

Openness in local government
Grace got the word out last year to Alamo citizens about the planned expansion of the Danville Boulevard/Stone Valley Road intersection. Says Grace, "Alamo citizens stand up for what they want in their community when they know what is being done in their community."

Harmonious relationships with local and regional government staff and officials
Grace regularly attends meetings of the Southwest Area Transportation Committee (SWAT), the Transportation, Water & Infrastructure Committee (TWIC) of the Board of Supervisors, and the Tri-Valley Transportation Council (TVTC).

Actions of government entities like SWAT, TWIC, and the TVTC have great effect on the quality of life in Alamo, and yet their actions -- and even their existence -- are not always known to Alamo citizens.

Finding a balance among differing points of view about local government in Alamo
Grace crafted the inclusive resolution of the Alamo Improvement Association Board of Directors about Alamo incorporation.

Read more about Grace, why you should vote for her, and her stance on the issues. Grace believes local government starts with its citizens, and so she encourages you to get involved and help make Grace's vision for Alamo reality!

Update from Grace NEW
March 4, 2009

Incorporation Myths Busted

Meet Grace
Learn about Grace's extensive experience in local government and how her life has shaped her into such a strong candidate.
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What Others Say

Grace is a wonderful neighbor and friend who has always been extremely active in the Alamo Community. We live on a private road, and Grace has taken the initiative to bring our neighborhood together and lead the effort to find cost-effective solutions for maintaining the road and the quality of life we enjoy here. Her knowledge of government, from many years working in national and local government, to her ongoing volunteerism in Alamo, gives her valuable experience that will benefit the new Town.
- John & Melissa Lynch, 20-year residents of Hemme Neighborhood

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